This week in tech: Bloomberg’s hit piece on Supermicro, iPhone Xr reviews surface, and new Macs coming next week

First off, here is the Bloomberg article that claimed Supermicro’s hardware had been compromised during manufacturing in China:

Companies that utilize servers with motherboards manufactured by California-based Supermicro have all come out stating that the Bloomberg article was hogwash and that there is no evidence of any compromised hardware or software on the supposedly affected servers. This includes tech giants such as Amazon and Apple who would definitely have a lot to loose if they were trying to cover this up. It’s clear that Bloomberg is full of it and should retract the story since the evidence is clearly not there. Should be interesting to see how this plays out legally since the story sent Supermicro’s shares plummeting. Looks like I won’t be reading anything from Bloomberg anymore.


Secondly, the iPhone Xr has arrived in the hands of tech reviewers and the first reviews are surfacing. Here are some substantial ones by Nilay Patel at The Verge and John Gruber:

I have some strong opinions regarding the 326 ppi LCD screen on a $750 phone but then again I haven’t seen it in person so I can’t judge just yet.


Finally, we have some new Macs coming! I am very excited to see a new Mac mini as well as a nice refresh for the rest of the lineup.




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