The destructive nature of COVID-19 is truly unprecedented. We have witnessed the spread of the coronavirus to hundreds of thousands of people and the deaths of over eleven thousand over the past few months. During these turbulent times we have seen the best and worst of human nature with some people doing their part by social distancing to trying to develop open source ventilator designs. Whereas others are committing despicable acts like the 5 U.S Senators who were caught unloading stocks prior to the market tanking in the wake of the spread of coronavirus across the U.S. It’s times like this where it’s hard to see good ending in sight where everything just seems to be at the brink of collapse, but we must persevere. Buy essential supplies and food responsibly (don’t hoard), continue to save up for your emergency fund with cash, work from home if possible, and keep yourself fit and healthy. Until we have a vaccine there is no better way to fight COVID-19. I’d like to thank everyone who are in the front line, and behind the scenes, of tackling this disease. We must stand behind the doctors, scientists, and researchers who are fighting the virus from the front lines, and help stop the spread by staying home whenever we can. The strength of the human race is being put to the test, but we must stay strong.

I will he posting some updates on the new WFH lifestyle along with online classes during my senior year. Perhaps some market commentary too, we’ll see. Take care and stay healthy. -Shravan

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