Xamarin Tips and Tricks: Uploading iOS App Archives using Xcode

Xcode 11 drops support for Application Loader which was the de facto standard for uploading apps whether they were developed natively or through a cross platform framework like Xamarin. Microsoft has since updated their documentation to show how to upload apps directly via VS for Mac: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/ios/deploy-test/app-distribution/app-store-distribution/publishing-to-the-app-store?tabs=macos While this method seems convenient, it involves some […]

Issues with push notification device tokens on iOS 13 (including a fix for Xamarin)

While I was trying to fix some issues with push notifications on a backend system I noticed that the device token being generated from my iPhone X running iOS 13.1 looked quite strange as it was returning something that looked like this: {length = 32, bytes = 0x965b251c 6cb1926d e3cb366f dfb16ddd … 5f857679 376eab7c } […]

IoTAware – IoT software management for the masses

I have recently started working on a project aimed towards low cost IoT management software that is cross-platform, cloud based (with on-prem as an option), and comprised of open source software. It’s called IoTAware and it aims to solve a gap in the market for smaller companies and startups to better manage their IoT devices […]

The Hardware Level: Tales of hardware development from a software developer’s perspective

This past year I had the fantastic opportunity of getting to work with designing, developing, and integrating embedded hardware into a (soon to be viable) product. Prior to this I had absolutely no background knowledge in hardware engineering apart from the basic concepts of circuits from Physics in high school. I come from a software […]

Helium + MEMS Oscillators = iOS device failure?

A system administrator noticed that all iOS devices in the medical facility he had been working at stopped working after a recent installation of an MRI machine. Turns out this was not related to any electromagnetic interference, but rather helium of all things. Below is one of the most interesting things I have ever read […]

This week in tech: Bloomberg’s hit piece on Supermicro, iPhone Xr reviews surface, and new Macs coming next week

First off, here is the Bloomberg article that claimed Supermicro’s hardware had been compromised during manufacturing in China: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-09/new-evidence-of-hacked-supermicro-hardware-found-in-u-s-telecom Companies that utilize servers with motherboards manufactured by California-based Supermicro have all come out stating that the Bloomberg article was hogwash and that there is no evidence of any compromised hardware or software on the supposedly […]

Xamarin Tips and Tricks – Re-generating the Mono GAC after updating .NET SDK

In my current work environment we use Babel for .NET to obfuscate our Xamarin binaries. The nice thing about Babel is that it’s the only Xamarin obfuscator that runs directly in macOS, eliminating the need for a Windows machine just for release builds. Things were working fine until after I installed the latest Visual Studio […]